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Summer 2020 | Naples, Naples Beach, North Naples, Ft Myers Beach, Cape Coral & Ave Maria

We have camp locations all over SWFL this summer!  So no matter where you are, there we are, bringing the tried and true along with the brand new. Pick a camp and reserve you spot today!

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Who knew 15 years ago we would have grown to be where we are today. Three different cities, over 8 locations in SWFL, educating and entertaining over 1000 campers each summer.  In celebration of 15 years of summer camp we are mixing it up.

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Summer is about hanging out with friends, trying new things and having fun!  We have run Super Science and Amazing Art camps for over 15 years.  In that time we have learned the two things our campers really want to do are,

1. Be challenged and…

2. Show what they know!

Everyday we set up challenges in the topics they love and every Friday we invite friends, family and the community to see what our campers have accomplished.

Our camps change every year based on campers suggestions and new interests. Our Kitchen Chemistry camp will always have new experiments and will always have slime. That’s tried and true. 

Brand new in 2020 is environmental and marine science as well as gymnastics! You will be amazed at your camper abilities.  There is tons to do, so get started picking a location, then a topic and register you camper!

Summer 2020

Our Camp Locations

Running Monday – Friday

June 8 through August 7

Norris Center of Naples 
755 8th Ave S,
Naples, FL 34102

with Justin Kline

Enjoy this great location right next Cambier Park. They have amazing indoor activities in case of rain and the room to spread out and build things beyond our wildest imaginations. The best keep secret in Naples.

Fleischmann Park 
1600 Fleischmann Blvd.
Naples, FL 34102

with Coach Aussie

Right outside of downtown Naples, Fleischmann is our newest location this summer. This facility has plenty of rooms and a huge gym built for various types of activities. Make memories tumbling around or adventuring through the summer with new friends.

Lowdermilk Park 
1301 Gulf Shore Blvd.N 
Naples, FL 34102

with Tori Stiehl

Summer camp at the beach? No wonder we picked this up as a new location. With a pavilion to explore and keep away from the sun, this will be a fan favorite this summer. Learn about our Naples marine environment this summer!

The Village School of naples


6000 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples, FL 34109

with Kailey Dodd


Wonderful playground and green grass areas for our picnics and games. As much as we want to wreck the tech indoors, we also unplug and enjoy the summer outside. Built for fun and growing.

The Mound House of Fort Myers Beach


451 Connecticut St, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

with Super Science and Amazing Art Staff

This historical land mark is truly wonderful to spend time in. This location has bay and beach access. We get it all here. Kayaking, sandcastle building, and true Florida history. You gotta see it to believe it.  

Four Freedoms Park of Cape Coral
4818 Tarpon Ct, Cape Coral, FL 33904

with Drew Coffman and Brittany McGlynn 


Beautiful park, lots of open areas for launching water balloons, rockets or whatever we are looking to do. The large common area gives us a great place to present our innovations and the room to get creative.  

Ave Maria North Park *residents only
Ave Maria North Park, Ave Maria, FL 34142

with Jessica Maurer 


Calling all Ave Maria locals! North Park is situated in the middle of the best outdoor space Ave has to offer! Trails, playgrounds, water-park, who could ask for more? Well, how about a great indoor space to cool off? No worries, we have that covered too!

Meet our Camp Instructors

We are the Lead Learners

Tristan Rosal
Tristan Rosal

Renaissance man and unicorn wrangler. Tristan has run programs with Super Science and Amazing Art since 2015. He is an Eagle Scout and when he’s not teaching science, assists with the Naples High School Marching Band. Tristan enjoys the outdoors, but his passion for music is matched only by his love for teaching. He is currently pursuing a degree in music education and lives in Naples, Florida.

Briana Ravelo
Briana Ravelo

Hi! My name is Briana! I’m a current senior at Florida Gulf Coast University majoring in Health Science. I love sushi and going to the beach as long as weather permits here in sunny Florida. Looking forward to an awesome summer!

Tori Stiehl
Tori Stiehl

HI! MY name is Tori and I do all of Glen's dirty work! Outside of that, I am an FGCU graduate with a bachelor of science in marine science. I am a HUGE enthusiast of anything to do with the ocean. I am an advanced scuba diver, avid paddle boarder and I am a mermaid. I can't wait to see you over summer!

Drew Coffman
Drew Coffman

Camp Leader, full-time teacher, and a truly great guy.

Jessie Maurer
Jessie Maurer

My name is Jessie Maurer and I have lived in Florida my whole life. I have been teaching in Collier County for 5 years. I love dogs, camping, traveling, and crafting!

Love hands on projects, leaning new things, and working with kids? Then send us your info, we are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to be part of our team.
Coach Aussie
Coach Aussie

Hi! My name is Aussie and I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and I have been tumbling my way through life since I was 5. I have taught all ages and abilities and I love watching my students soar to new heights!

Glen Beitmen
Glen Beitmen

President, owner, the guy responsible for all this.

Super Science and Amazing Art gives out 36 camps scholarships a year. That is over $10,000 in sponsored campers a year! Become a sponsor and together we can do even more!
Justin Kline
Justin Kline

Bill Nye enthusiast to the extreme! I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially at National Parks, developing science experiments in my super secret lab, and taking care of animals! I’ve been working in camps since 2010, and look forward to teaching you why SCIENCE RULES!

Kailey Dodd
Kailey Dodd

Hi! My name is Kailey Dodd and I will be a senior at Stonehill College this Fall. I am studying Elementary Education and Sociology. I am a very active person who loves hiking, running, skiing and and going to the beach . I also enjoy cooking, baking and traveling.

Camps are great, but each week there’s only room for 15 campers!

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Feel free to contact me, Mr. Glen, or Tori.  We would be happy to answer any questions, alleviate any concerns or just say hello! Basically, we want to get to know each and every one of you.  If you would rather call my number it’s


See you this summer!

Glen Beitmen