The Village School Naples, FL

6000 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples, Fl 34109


Beautiful building, Open fields with a Playground built right in

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The Village School

Where Mr. Glen hangs his hat most of the year as the Science and Engineering STEAM Coach, the Village School of Naples is built for fun exploration and profound play.  With the latest and greatest tech for presentations and research, campers can test prototypes and tinker with high tech tools in a place this it built for a groth mindset.  

The Village School

Summer 2021 June 7 to July 26
4th of July week runs Tuesday – Friday

Week of
June 7 & June 28


Build it! Building and breaking stuff 

In this camp you will build your skills by building and breaking towers, make working windmills, boats, balloon cars, planes, you name it.  Tons of take home projects, fun team challenges, and lots of time to make what we build better.  

On Friday we will live stream our Team Challenges and you can show what you and your team built with friends and family. 

Week of
June 14 & July 19
Kitchen Chemistry – Make a great mess

Our most popular camp, and why? Slime, snacks, mad science mixtures, color changing concoctions, and that’s just one of the days.  Using the things you can find in your kitchen or around the house you will learn how to make ordinary stuff do extraordinary things.  Plenty of mess making bubbling science with hours of outside summer time fun with friends. Sign up and let’s make a good clean mess!

On Friday we will live stream our Chemistry Show where you and your friends can share the tips and tricks you’ve learned with your other friends and family. Like your hosting your our YouTube channel

Week of
June 21 & july 5
& july 26


Gamers – Play and design games


Gamers Unite!  This camp is the perfect balance of summertime outside play with productive screen time.  We will play test popular game titles, design and create our own video games, and just play some games.

On Friday we will live stream our Gamer Convention where you can share the games you developed with friends and family.

Week of
July 12
Robotics – Shocking science, electrical and machanical engineering 

This isn't your normal Robotics Camp.  Build and control underwater robots.  Learn about electricity and how it works with all the things around you.  Take apart drones, battery powered toys, and whatever we can get our hands on.  Throughout the week you will have fun with friends competing in simple circuit and robotic challenges.  

Build skitter bots you can take home.  On Friday we will live stream our own RoboExpo where you can show what you know and share a little of your camp with your friends and family. 

Where is the Village School?

6000 Goodlette-Frank Rd ,
Naples, FL 34109

Camps are Great, But There’s Only Room for 15 campers!

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