The Village School Naples, FL

6000 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples, Fl 34109


Beautiful building, Open fields, Large Playground

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The Village School

Where Mr. Glen hangs his hat most of the year as the Director of Innovation, the Village School of Naples is built for fun exploration and profound play.  With the latest and greatest tech for presentations and research, campers can test prototypes and tinker with high tech tools in a place that it built for a growth mindset.  

The Village School

Summer 2022 June 6 to Aug 1
4th of July week runs Tuesday – Friday

Week of
June 6, July 5, Aug 1


Drone Flight School

Drone Flight School

Off we go into the wild blue yonder with flight simulators, rockets, and DRONES.  Become an aerial expert as you begin basic training for flight school.  Get to know the tools and techniques of real pilots, build and launch rockets, and fly drones.  You will fly many types of drones including the DJI FPV.  With the First Person View Drone Flight you will experience what it’s like to be a true Drone racer.  Compete in flight challenges and fly through obstacles as you build your skills to be a better pilot. 

On Friday invite friends and family to join in the fun and watch the Friday Rocket launch, weather permitting 🙂

Week of
June 13 & July 11
Great Games – Play and design games

Great Games – Invent new game with code and on the playground

Are you a true gamer?  Do you talk about games, think about games, and have a few ideas for games of your own? This is your camp!  Become a part of a one-week gaming studio, design characters, create new worlds, and build challenging levels.  Use the latest gaming software like the new Scratch 3.0,’s APP Lab, and Minecraft Code Mode. Work as a team of artists, programmers, and developers to make your game come to life.  Throughout the week you and your friends will work on computers and on the playground as we make new versions of tag, capture the flag, and any other games we can think of. On Friday you will run the Game World Expo to showcase your accomplishments and share new ideas for your future games.

Week of
June 20, july 25


The Engineers Challenge – Build, break and improve 


The Engineers Challenge – Week long Maker Space

 Do you love improving things, sharing new ideas, building and breaking stuff? You’re an engineer! Breakout the materials, the tools, the duct tape, let’s start building.  This week you will compete with your friends in engineering challenges.  See what works as you work to improve.  Make catapults fling things farther, airplanes fly higher, motors boats motor faster, and buildings buildinger.  In one week you will experience 5 different types of engineering; Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical. Aerospace, and Civil.  At the end of the week on Friday, you will share your design ideas with your family and friends at the 2022 World’s Fair.  Everyone will get to see your work, take on a few challenges, and enjoy an hour of camp with you.     

Week of
June 27, July 18
Kitchen Chemistry – We love a good mess

Kitchen Chemistry Our Most Popular Camp

Do you love mixing things together?  Are you a slime-making professional?  Is snack time the best time?  Then don’t miss out on Kitchen Chemistry Camp!  Make the best slime and try experiments you’ve never tried.  Make different snacks with your friends like one cup-cup cakes, no bake cookies, and many more.  New snacks every day!  On Friday invite your friends and family to take part in the fun.  They will enjoy the homemade ice cream and the root beer we made together while watching The Chemistry show put on by you and your friends.

Where is the Village School?

6000 Goodlette-Frank Rd ,
Naples, FL 34109

Camps are Great, But There’s Only Room for 15 campers!

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