Four Freedoms Park, Cape Coral, FL

4818 Tarpon Court
Cape Coral, FL 33904


Beautiful park nestled on 3.2 acres overlooking Bimini Basin.

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Pro tip, any issues call Phone: 239-573-3128

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Four Freedoms Park

The park is located off of Cape Coral Pkwy between Coronado Pkwy and Santa Barbara Blvd. The park’s large, shaded, fenced in area provides playground equipment for all ages,  There are several picnic areas on site, as well as scenic views of Bimini Basin. 

Four Freedoms Summer Camp Schedule

Summer 2023
Running all weeks of summer except the 4th of July!

Week of:
June 12, July 17

You can bring your devices!

Who will be the next big influencers? Could it be you?  Create creative, funny, and engaging content that you can share with the world. Throughout this fast paced fun camp you will use technology (your personal devices or ours) to create, edit and post your short videos.  Learn about lighting, adding sound effects, background music, animations, graphics, and special effects.  Choose to present your story on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok, or all three.  On Friday your friends and loved ones will be invited to share in the excitement as you present your posts and begin your journey to become an influencer.

Week of:
June 19, July 24 


You choose your favorite activities!

Slime of all kinds, Hovercrafts you float on, Plazma Balls that glow, and Robots that battle are just the start of this “choose your own adventure” camp.  For 18 years, Super Science and Amazing Art has been entertaining and educating campers all over SouthWest Florida with innovative science and art experiments.  There are so many activities to choose from you can pick your favorite!  From cardboard forts and solar car races, to shaving cream painting and cooking cookies, we can do it all.  On Friday you will lead the way as you guide your friends and loved ones through the Best of Super Science and Amazing Art camps.

Week of:
June 26

Science you can share!

Our messiest camp ever!  With OOBLECK, Silly Putty, Slime, Water balloon fights, Making Clay, Paint Flinging, and way more.  This camp is what summer is all about.  Making a mess, preparing picnic snacks, and having fun with friends.  Each year we add new activities like the luminescent glow party, and be in a bubble experiment, while we keep all the ones you love like, gumdrop molecules, slime, and baking snacks.  Friday your friends and loved ones will be invited to share in the fun as you show them all the cool chemistry projects you and your friends played with all week!

Week of:
July 10, July 31
ENGINEERING – Design it, Build it, Make it, Take it 


You make it, you take it!

Challenge yourself and your team to build the strongest and tallest tower, the car that can go the furthest distance, and a balloon that floats the longest.  While competing in these fun and friendly engineering challenges you will also learn about electricity, motors, gears, batteries and circuits.  You can choose to use computers to design 3d printable objects, or develop your own video game, or program robots, or all of the above. Fly drones, design and build cars or craines, and bring your ideas to life.  Your friends and loved ones will be invited to join the Engineering Expo on Friday where you share your ideas, present your projects, and show what you know!

Where is Four Freedoms Park At?

4818 Tarpon Court
Cape Coral, FL 33904

Camps are Great, But There’s Only Room for 15 campers!

Registrations opens for Cape Coral residents April 1st
Open to the public April 15th