Afternoon Adventures Fleischmann Park Naples, FL

1600 Fleischmann Blvd Naples, FL 34102


Who said learning has to end after school?

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Afternoon Adventures

Just $60 a week Members can enjoys the Fleischmann Park Afternoon Adventures program

From 2:30 pm to 6 pm Monday – Friday

Our experienced exceptional staff bring new challenging adventures to our adventurers everyday.

Our members have the option to learn ANYTHING they put their minds to. A daily routine range can include tumbling in the gym, all types of sports, playing at the playground, programing robots, designing computer games, making cookies, trying a new slime recipe,  painting, and learning about music.

We bring in speakers to share their knowledge and inspire our adventures to learning new things!

Afternoon Adventures has the tools designed to make our affordable program stand out.

Our positive points program gives our members the incentive to earn “experience points” by completing homework, participating in new activates, and being respectful and responsible.  Students have the ability to redeem the points they have earned for snacks, prizes and excursions! Last year we took a trip to the Naples Zoo, went out on a boat cruse with Pure Florida, and had had movie nights.

We are always learning and always growing with our members, so it’s always an adventure.

Call 239-213-3020 to enroll today.

Where is Fleischmann Park?

1600 Fleischmann Blvd,
Naples, FL 34102

Would you like more information?

Email Kelly, [email protected], to inquire about Afternoon Adventures Program and how to enroll.