Integrity Church Bonita Springs, FL

10421 Pennsylvania Ave, Bonita Springs, FL 34135


Historic Building.  Perfect location.  The Heart of Bonita Springs. 

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The Integrity Church

This historical church located in the heart of Bonita Springs could be in a better spot.  Here campers can enjoy River Park, the Main stage for Friday Performances, and Kayak the Imperial River.  CGT Kayaks will be helping us out his year to teach Kayaking campers safety and proper paddling techniques, and that just a part of what we have planned at the camps in Bonita Springs.       

Integrity Church Schedule

Summer 2019 June 3 to July 29
4th of July week off

Week of July 8
Great Games

With Brittany Jones

Are you a true gamer?  Do you talk about games, think about games, and have a few ideas for games of your own? This is your camp!  Become a part of a one-week gaming studio, design characters, create new worlds, and build challenging levels.  Use the latest gaming software like the new Scratch 3.0,'s APP Lab, and Gamesalad. Work as a team of artist, programmers, and developers to make your game come to life.  Throughout the week you and your friends will work on computers and on the playground as we make new versions of tag, capture the flag, and any other games we can think of. On Friday you will run the Game World Expo to showcase your accomplishments and share new ideas for your future games.  

Week of july 15
Movie Making Magic

With Brittany Jones

Do you love stories, making mini-movies, and entertaining your friends?  Then let’s set up the lights, bring in the backdrop, and cue the sound! It’s time to make a movie!  You will experience every part of movie making. Acting, directing, lighting, sound, storyboarding, and costume design.  You will edit your work with the same program the professional studios use to add music and special effects. The Camp becomes a studio where you and your friends run the show.  Then we roll out the red carpet for all of your friends and loved ones to, eat popcorn, and enjoy your film. A film that lasts forever!

Week of july 22

 With Brittany Jones

Do you love improving things, sharing new ideas, building and breaking stuff? You’re an engineer! Breakout the materials, the tools, the duct tape, let’s start building.  You will compete with your friends in engineering challenges. See what works and work to improve your ideas. Make catapults fling things farther, airplanes fly higher, motors boats move faster, and buildings stronger.  In one week you will experience 5 different types of engineering; Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical. Aerospace, and Civil. At the end of the week, you will share your design ideas with your family and friends at the 2019 World’s Fair.  Everyone will get to see your work, have fun trying the challenges, and enjoy an hour of camp with you.

Week of july 29

Do you love computers, electronics, machines, and working on new ideas?  You are a robotics engineer! This summer build on your knowledge and skills as you and your team of engineers build a robot.  Learn electronics, programming, and machine mechanics. Have your robot sense objects, pick things up, and compete in fun challenges.  By the end of camp on Friday, you and your team will invite your friends and family to participate in the Robo Expo. Where they will watch you compete, demonstrate your robot, and enjoy part of the excitement you experienced all week!

Where is Integrity Church At?

10421 Pennsylvania Ave,
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Camps are Great, But There’s Only Room for 15 campers!

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