Super Science Summer Camps 2017

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2017 Camp


Locations and Descriptions


Norris Center - Naples

The Village School of Naples

Four Freedoms Park - Cape Coral
755 8th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
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6000 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples,
FL 34109
4818 Tarpon Ct, Cape Coral, FL 33904
June 5 - June 9 Flight June 5 - June 9 Build it June 5 - June 9 Kitchen Chemistry
June 12 - June 16 Video Game Design June 12 - June 16 Kitchen Chemistry June 12 - June 16 Flight
June 19 - June 23 Kitchen Chemistry June 19 - June 23 Flight June 19 - June 23 Video Game Design
June 26 - June 30 Flight June 26 - June 30 Video Game Design June 26 - June 30 Build it
July 10 - July 14 Build it July 10 - July 14 3D Design & Print July 10 - July 14 Flight
July 17 - July 21 Video Game Design July 17 - July 21 Movie Making Week 1 July 17 - July 21 Kitchen Chemistry
July 24 - July 28 Kitchen Chemistry July 24 - July 28 Movie Making Week 2 July 24 - July 28 Video Game Design
July 31 - Aug 4 Video Game Design July 31 - Aug 4   July 31 - Aug 4 Build it
Aug 7 - Aug 11 Build it Aug 7 - Aug 11   Aug 7 - Aug 11  

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(239) 213-3058 

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Registration open now!


Call Four Freedoms Park
(239) 574-0804



Build it! – Civil Engineering

Build it, break it, make it better! We love to build stuff and we love to break stuff, have fun doing both as we take part in several engineering design challenges. We will explore many fields of engineering while building prototypes to compete in fun team based challenges. Examples of challenges are:

  • Balloon power cars race for distance
  • Helium balloon zero gravity relay
  • Wind-mill competitions harness the power of wind
  • Unsinkable ships and submersibles
  • Make Slime and Bouncy Balls in chemical engineering
  • And lots more


On Friday, friends and loved ones will be invited to take part in the challenges during the Super Science and Amazing Art World’s Fair presented by the campers.


Video Game Design

Make games like the pros! Start with game ideas and story boarding. We will have a client or theme that will guide us for the week. Campers will:

  • Practice code design with SCRATCH or Game Salad
  • Develop characters, backgrounds, and story lines 
  • Draw characters and import them into your game
  • Learn and develop game logic and code
  • Demo how it plays


Throughout the week, we will work together to create different levels in a game. Each camper will storyboard games they can create at home. By the end of the week you will have the tools to make games on your own and with friends anytime. On Friday, we will invite friends and family to come try out our newly created game in our Game Expo!


Movie making

Trying to make a real movie in a week is insane, so this year we are taking two weeks! Production starts with the script and storyboards, then we start set design, location scouting, and green screen mechanics. There’s costume design, casting, script rehearsal, lighting, filming, sound, editing, re-filming, more editing and finally we roll credits! Campers will:

  • Learn lighting
  • Sound recording
  • Video Editing
  • Performing arts
  • Movie effects
  • Camera terms and techniques
  • And much more


On Friday we roll out the red paper and pop the popcorn for your friends and family to come and watch your film debut.


Take Flight! - Aerospace Engineering

We take it to the skies with anything that flies. Campers will learn about aerodynamics, forces, flight, and space travel as they:

  • Fly airplanes, both remote and paper
  • Compete for prizes in fun and friendly aerospace engineering challenges
  • Make hot air balloons, motorize helium balloons, and sling water balloons
  • Reconstruct Kitty Hawk kites
  • Fly drones
  • Float on a hover disk
  • Build and launch water rockets


All parents, friends and family are invited on Friday to see our Amazing Airshow where the campers will launch their water rockets, demonstrate their flying skills and let parents join in the fun of flying.


Kitchen Chemistry

This is by far our most popular camp. Using things found around your house, we perform some amazing science! From the best bouncing slime to making ice cream we learn how chemistry can lead to fun and delicious experiments.  We will:

  • Make slime
  • Create chemical color changes
  • Learn about chemiluminescent and things that Glow
  • Prepare and eat ice cream, root beer, and no apple-apple pie
  • See the fog and snow show
  • And lots more


On Friday your friends and family are invited to our ice cream dance party to see and participate in all of the fun and exciting experiments we did all week long.  



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